Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Triglycerides Foods

Medium chain triglyceride foods are used primarily as an instant source of energy by organs and muscles in the body rather than being stored as fat. First of all what is medium chain triglyceride? It refers to saturated fatty acids containing 6 to 10 carbons. Because they are shorter in length, they can be metabolized in different manner. MCTs closely resemble carbohydrates in comparison to fats. They are more soluble in water; consequently, they can easily break down and enter the blood stream faster. This then carry them to the liver directly, where they can be used as an instant source of energy.

Commercially, medium chain triglyceride foods are available in the liquid form and sometimes as capsules. They can be used as alternatives jaundice patients and people who suffer from cystic fybriosis, pancreatitis, etc. People who suffer from epileptic seizures have been shown to benefit from a diet high in medium chain triglyceride.

Medium chain triglyceride foods can also be used as antioxidants and have anticoagulative effects, which can help with heart diseases. Medium chain triglyceride foods provide immediate energy as well. They don’t stimulate insulin so there is no problem of weight gain. These foods do stimulate thermo genesis – the process of generating body heat by stimulated burning of fat.

Medium chain triglyceride foods are used in our daily life. Some examples of medium chain triglyceride foods are:

Fresh butter is one of the best sources of fat and medium chain triglycerides. It is the type of fat that can be used quickly by human body for energy.

Medium chain triglycerides are also found in human breast milk. This is necessary for the growing baby.

Small amount of medium chain fatty acids with six to 12 carbon atoms occur in foods, primarily in milk fat and dairy products.

Most of the medium chain triglycerides used in research, medicine and food product comes from coconut oil. Palm and coconut oils although saturated fats have a naturally softer form than animal fats because of their shorter carbon chains. Coconut oil consists predominantly of medium chain triglycerides. They work best if ingested in foods. They can be used in salad dressings, sandwich spreads and confectionaries and can be used as a substitute of fats in most recipes.

Medium Chain Triglycerides FoodsAs a byproduct:
They are used clinically for patients with problems absorbing fat or those with an involuntary loss of weight such as those with acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or cancer. They are also used for enhancing the immunity of our body.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Foods Side Effects:

They have not proven to be as effective an aid to improve performance of athletes. They may create gastric distress in some rare cases.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Foods Benefits:

They help restore normal blood glucose levels in patients. They provide energy for thermo genesis. They provide an ample source of stored energy that your body can use for thermo genesis. Triglycerides as fats offer an advantage over stored carbohydrates as glycogen.

As we can clearly see, medium chain triglyceride foods are beneficial to us in many ways. However, they should be taken in moderate level as large amount of consumption of these foods would result in various diseases. This is especially the case for athletes as their performance level decreases. These foods are easy to take and can burn our body fat easily. So if we want a healthy and joyful life, medium chain triglyceride foods are essential for our body.